Clayton Fixture Installation Tips

You’re tired of your old leaky faucet and now you’re ready to purchase an entirely new system in order to accent your bathroom kitchen. With all the trendy options and styles out there today it can get kind of confusing. There’s more to think about than simply walking into a store, pointing at that one, and then checking out. It’s important to pick the right faucet or other fixture that’s perfect for you and your family. When you contact Guaranteed Plumbing, Our Clayton Fixture Installation Contractor can help navigate you through all the many fixtures out there, so that you make the right choice. With that in mind here are some suggestions, ideas, and tips to help you out.

Function and Purpose

The first question to ask is, ‘why am I purchasing a new fixture?’ Are you going for style, function, durability, or any other purpose? Will your new faucet be used in the bathroom, the kitchen, or connected to a water hose out in the backyard? If it’s used in the bathroom your choices range from tubs and showers, to sinks and even the faucet near the toilet. Knowing what your purpose is will help you discover the right style and type of faucet giving you easily functionality, which make your life easier.

Design and Style

Although function is generally most important, many Clayton homeowners like to focus on the right design and style for their fixtures. After all, finding a faucet that truly matches your kitchen or bathroom’s overall style gives your room environment a cohesive smooth look. There are unlimited styles to choose from simple traditional faucets with a basic design, to ornate super glossy modern faucets that are perfect for that contemporary kitchen or bathroom. Our Clayton Fixture Installation  Contractor carries a wide variety of designer faucets from multiple reputable manufacturers.

Additional Faucet Features

Today’s faucets offer all types of fun and functional features that make your time in the sink, shower or tub a little easier. These user-focused features include items such as swivel spouts that allow you to move the spout out of the way during sink use. You also get to choose faucets that have adjustable spout heights for easier use. Other features include pull out and spring sprays and sprays that extend for ultimate flexibility. These allow you to spray in those hard to reach places in situations such as washing dishes. Call your Guaranteed Plumbing professional to find out all the options available to you.

Body Sprays

Body sprays are quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories for showers today. Body sprays allow you to experience a full body shower for total relaxation. Body sprays can be integrated into your current shower at strategic points. The spray nozzles allow you to adjust the spray pattern and the overall pressure until you have the settings that are perfect for you. Once you experience body sprays from Guaranteed Plumbing, you’ll never want to go back to conventional showering again.

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